Most of praying today comes from wanting to be successful. Whether you go to church to pray or mutter a quick prayer under your breath, chances are you are asking for success in an endeavour of some kind. Success can be prayed for in many different forms; outright success, blessings and guidance towards success.


Many religions have certain prayers when asking for and receiving blessings. These may be for an object; many religions believe in blessing new additions such as cars, houses or business. Or it could be blessings on a new family member. Blessings are requests for the protection and sometimes aiming to find the best online roulette games for prospering.


Sometimes people praying are not looking for a specific outcome, but guidance through a decision or to a decision. Success is often linked to this prayer and this process, but it is not a prayer for success as such. Many times, a situation will arise and ask for help navigating unknown water is done through prayer.


Everyone enters any situation hoping for a positive outcome. Many people actively pray for this, some pray that their trust and their faith will see them through regardless. Whether it is a new business venture, an operation or an exam, we all want to come out better and successful on the other side.

Many bible verses can be used if you are praying for one particular outcome. You can also pray for success on your own, or you can pray in a group setting such as a church service. There are also many individual prayers that you can research that relates directly to the outcome you are looking for – for example the Serenity Prayer is often used. This asks for serenity, acceptance, courage and wisdom. This in itself is also a prayer for success, because if you possess those few things, success will be the end result no matter what the outcome.