While Christianity has been around since the first century and has the largest religious followings in the world, many changes have come about within the different communities. Traditionally services were long and hard to sit through for longer periods of time. While some communities still practice services like this, many have moved towards more relatable and upbeat services.

Worship Through The Arts

While worship always involves praising through song, prayer, and sermons, in recent years churches have moved away from rigid formations and silent contemplations. Many churches now have live bands that play electric instruments during hymns and worship leaders who call out loudly to the congregation. Rejoicing and elation are encouraged and being vocal doing prayer and sermons are also not uncommon.

While this does appeal to all worshippers, it is becoming more and more popular with younger congregations. Many churches also display drawings done by their children and youth groups and have also started using multimedia devices to preach. This type of worship is often known as contemporary worship and has been criticised more than once. Traditionalist say that due to much of the inspiration being drawn from popular music and with live bands and lively backing choirs it is more in line with entertainment than a church service.

Republishing Of The Bible

Up until recently, you could only get one copy of the Bible – the wording of the New and Old testaments was to be studied carefully and pondered upon. With youth groups becoming popular, and young adults becoming more vocal about their religious choices, a new version has been published by the World Bible Translation centre – The Holy Bible: Easy to Read Version (ERV). While this version may be modern and easier to understand and read, the essence and meaning has not been changed.