No matter where you find yourself in the world, and whether you are looking for them or not, churches are strongly rooted in the community. Some communities have a different church on every corner, some have one central church and everyone attends its various services. But whether you are looking for churches, mosques or a synagogue, all you need to is ask a local and they will be sure to point you in the right direction.

There are many different religions and belief systems, some branches of others and some new and entirely different. But churches remain over years and years and once they are established, very little can shake them. There are even tours in many European countries where you can view old churches – many crumbled and overgrown but never forgotten.

Some churches are regal in design, with steeples and turret and grand stained-glass windows, and some are small and quaint with picket fences and flower beds. But each house their community and their faith unwaveringly, and there is a church and a belief system out there no matter who or what you are looking for.

Covering some of the basics of religions, prayer and Christianity itself, we hope to offer a brief insight to the reader. We will also offer feedback on some of the biggest followings around the world, their origins and their communities. There are also many newer belief systems available, so whether you are looking for traditional and methodical, or light and melodic, somewhere there is a community awaiting your arrival.